Zeon is the Best Jailbreak Repo Extractor for iOS 17

Install Jailbreak apps , themes and tweaks from Zeon extracting Jailbreak repos. Zeon is compatible with 17.1 Jailbreak , iOS 17.2 Jailbreak iOS 17.3 Jailbreak and iOS 17.4 Jailbreak

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Most Popular Categories

Zeon Repo Extractor

Zeon repo extractor is the most up to date repo extractor compatible with iOS 14 to iOS 17 and higher iOS versions. The repo extractor has 1000+ repos

Cydia (Lite)

Cydia is the most famous 3rd party package manager that lets you install jailbreak tweaks, themes and more jailbreak features.

Sileo (Lite)

One of the most famous package manager Sileo is offered by the latest jailbreak tools to install 3rd party apps like tweaks, themes and much more. Now you can download Sileo using Zeon

iOS 16.6 ++

Zeon is capable of giving you the virtual display of upcoming iOS versions. iOS 16.6 ++ is a kind of virtual jailbreak that you can experience without jailbreaking the iPhone.

Jailbreak Solutions

Hexxa Plus (Full)

Hexxa Plus is a repo extractor designed to iOS 13 and it can be installed on higher versions like iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16 You can download 3rd party apps, themes and emulators and more with Hexxa Plus

Bregxi (Full)

You can install Bregxi repo extractor using Zeon. Bregxi was designed to iOS 12 and it is compatible upto iOS 16.6 It is full of repos that can be extractor in no time.

Ziyu (Full)

Ziyu is a jailbreak repo extractor that allows users to extract repositories / sources and install 3rd party apps unavailable in Apple app store.


Anzhuang is a non jailbreak iOS app installer you can download with Zeon. As a jailbreak solution Anzhuang plays a big role with jailbreak tools. Developer codes are required for you to install Anzhuang on your i device.


Ela theme pack

Ela themes

Ela themes is a theme collection filled with 70+ amazing themes for your iPhone. Without jailbreaking your iPhone you can install these themes.

iNifty theme collection


Now you can directly download the iNifty themes that changes your boaring home screen into awesome screen. iNifty can be installed on Non jailbroken devices too.

 Flemino OS collection


Here is the opportunity for you to experience other OSes and OS simulators on your iPhone. Flemino app lets you run the Operating systems like Windows 98,Ubuntu, Mac Lion etc.

Metaw 3D wallpapers


Download the most amazing 3D themes for your iPhone with Metaw. Zeon users can download the latest themes after installing Metaw on iPhones.