KFD Jailbreak

KFD is a new exploit developed by Felix-pb released to the public recently, supports iOS 15.5 to iOS 16.6 beta 1

This exploit is now available as an open source and also available as an IPA file. Referring to this page you can download the IPA file according to your device model.

What is KFD jailbreak

KFD is a kernel file descriptor that can be used for jailbreaking. It can read and write kernel memory on Apple devices. The KFD exploit can be used to improve the device's UI with some limited features. You are free to test and use KFD jailbreak, which comes with community security features.

KFD banner

Awesome Features KFD offers you

Hide the Home Bar

Change the Lock Screen font

Hide the device’s dock

Remove folder/dock backgrounds

Enables custom icon UI changes

Default boot animation

Font overwrite


Compatible iOS versions

iOS 16.6 Beta 1 / iOS 16.6 / iOS 16.5 / iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.2 / iOS 16.1 / iOS 16.0 / iOS 15.7.6 / iOS 15.5

Compatible iOS devices

iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR / iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max / iPhone 12 mini

According to the developer opa334, KFD jailbreak will be supported for following iDevices.

iOS 15.1.1 iPhone 13 Pro / iOS 15.4.1 iPad 8 / iOS 15.7.3 iPhone SE

How to Download KFD Exploit IPA

KFD jailbreak is an online Jailbreak solution, but you cannot install Cydia or Sileo with this.

Still KFD is not an alternative solution for iOS 17 jailbreak

The KFD exploit IPA can install directly from any sideload method without a computer. You can use Sideloadly and AltStore to download the IPA

Following are the tested IPA files for KFD jailbreak.

You can easily download the IPA file according to your device model

KFD jailbreak lets you do amazing customization to your iPhone. The speciality of KFD is, you don’t want to jailbreak to experience these features.

Cardinal for KFD devices

Cardinal is a wallet card customization app supporting iOS 15 to iOS 16.5 including iOS 16.6 beta1. Cardinal lets you change the images on the cards on your Apple wallet. The developer of the Cardinal is @LeminLimez

Cardinal for kfd devices

Kysota KFD

Kysota is an OTA blocker for KFD devices. Kysota supports iOS 16.2 to iOS 16.6 beta 1. All iPhone except arm64 devices are supporting kysota. Until you manually enable the OTA it will remain disabled. The developer of the kysota is @haxi0sm

kysota with KFD

BlizzardBoard KFD

BlizzardBoard is a theme engine for iOS 15 and iOS 14. Now you can use Blizzard Board for iOS 16.0–iOS 16.5, & iOS 16.6 Beta 1 with KFD exploit. Change your home screen icon theme without jailbreaking your device.

blizzardboard with KFD

New features with BlizzardBoard

Updated BlizzardBoard to version 1.1.
Included BlizzardBoard for iOS 16.
Fixed possible boot loop issues.
Added error messages to installed themes.
Fixed sharing bug where nothing happens.
Added Hide App Labels.
Initial release.

Simple KFD

Here is a new toolbox that supports KFD exploit. Using Simple KFD you’ll be able to customize the iPhone. Here are the things you can do.

Hide Homebar
Hide Dock
Enable 14 Pro Max Resolution
Enable 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island
Change the Font to a hardcoded one
Custom CC Icons
Custom Lockscreen Icons
Hide Lockscreen Icons
Purple System & Font Color

Filza file manager with KFD

Filza file manager now supports KFD exploit supporting devices. With Filza, you can access system files and copy or delete files. You don't need to install Cydia to download Cydia to get the filza file manager. You can download the IPA from the following button.

Filza file manager with KFD

Picasso Tool Box

Picasso is a KFD toolbox supports iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 beta 1. Picasso toolbox supports the following UI customizations. Without jailbreaking the iPhone you can install Picasso toolbox with KFD exploit.

version 2 Beta 5

Customize your iPhone with Springboard tools- (Dock color, Folder background color, Control Center background color, Notification banner background color, Notification shadow color)

Dynamic Island on any device
Custom system-wide Fonts
Custom Face ID lock icon animation on Lock Screen - Settings app customizer
Audio (charging, screenshot, lock, notification, etc.) customizer

Picassotoolbox + KFD

Taurine jailbreak + KFD

Now KFD exploit supports Taurine jailbreak up to iOS 14.4.2. The iPA was released recently. You can install the Sileo package manager after the jailbreak process is completed.

KFD supports Taurine

Pure KFD

PureKFD is a tweak app with Picasso & Misaka Support. The PureKFD supports 16.2-16.5 & 16.6b1. Pure KFD only supports Picasso and Misaka at the moment.

Now you can download the latest Pure KFD v5 Beta supporting iOS 14 to iOS 16.7.4

Pure kfd new version


Improved UI
Misaka repos included
Fixed all Picasso prefs
Added FixDynamicIsland
Improved exploit reliability & stability

Font Overwrite

The KFD exploit can be used for font overwriting. At the moment KFD fontoverwrite supports iOS 15.5 to iOS 16.6 beta1

KFD Font Overwrite compatibility -

iPhone XS to 14 Pro, 16.2 - 16.5

iPhone Xr, 11, 11 pro, 14 pro 16.6 beta 1

KFD font Overwrite

KFD -Kanna font Destroy

You can change the home screen clock font with the kanna font destroy method. Supports iOS 16.2–16.5/16.6 beta 1

KFD Kanna font changer


Set the screen resolutions with KFDicks16. Download the iPA with the following buttons. The KFDicks16 supports iOS 15 to iOS 16.5 and 16.6 Beta 1.

KFD resolution setter

Misaka KFD

Misaka -KFD tweak manager Support for A12-A16 (iPhone Xs – iPhone 14 Pro Max) on iOS 16.2 – 16.5 & 16.6

Read more about Misaka Tweak Manager

misaka with kfd


The pois0nKFD Jailbreak App enables various tweaks for iOS 15.5 – iOS 16.5/16.6 beta 1 (A12+) devices, including Hide Dock, Hide Home Bar, Custom Fonts, CC Custom Icons, and more.

poison kfd feature


Chicken-ButtKFD Customization Tool Support for iOS 16.2 – 16.5 & 16.6b1, A12-A16 (Without Jailbreaking you can use these tool)

chickenbutt kfd

Lock Screen button change

KFD exploit can be used for Lock Screen button change. But the IPA is not released to the public yet. Once the IPA is released you can get it from this page.

lock screen button change

Alternative Solutions for KFD jailbreak

Ponba Jailbreak : Ponba is a semi-untethered jailbreak that supports iOS 16 to iOS 16.6. This tool is still in concept mode. You'll be able to download Ponba jailbreak once the developers released to the public

NekoJb Jailbreak : NekoJb Jailbreak is an semi jailbreak solution. The Neko jailbreak developed by @HAHALOSAH.The developer has confirmed that the jailbreak only supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.8

KFD Exploit News

A new tweak injection on arm64e iOS 16 released!

XinaA15 Jailbreak v2.0.16 Released!

Support with KFD exploit A12 - A15, M1 (iOS 15.0 - iOS 15.4.1)

New UI
More Optimizations

XinaA15 new version

01. KFD jailbreak is more stable with iOS 16.6 beta 1

02. Successfully work with arm64 devices

Read More

Supporting KFD devices

03. KFD exploit on iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16.4.1 - iPhone XS Max iOS 15.4

Read More

KFD exploit for iPhones

04. Developers from Misaka confirmed, a Package manager will be coming

misaka developer thoughts

05. KFD Jailbreak will support Taurine iOS 14 semi untethered jailbreak

Reference link

kfd exploit with Taurine