iOS 16.7 to iOS 16.7.2 Jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak your iOS 16.7 / iOS 16.7.1 / iOS 16.7.2 support iPhone with Zeon Repo Extractor. Zeon is the best jailbreak repo extractor that lets you install amazing jailbreak features on your iPhone.

Checkout the latest features of Zeon repo extractor and download the repo extractor into your iPhone.

Features of Zeon

Zeon repo extractor has the most up to date repo collection including 3rd party iOS themes, tweaks. These features can be extracted easily. We have listed all the features of Zeon repo extractor compatible with iOS 16.7 to iOS 16.7.2

Package managers for iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2

Now you can download package managers like Cydia and Sileo that aren’t available in the Apple app store. Then install 3rd party apps, themes, tweaks. Without PC these package managers can be installed on your iPhone.


This is the most famous package manager developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik). Cydia is the most downloaded 3rd party app installer provided by most of the jailbreak tools. Now you can install Cydia with Zeon repo extractor with few touches.

Using the following link, you can download the Cydia package manager.

Cydia download for iOS 16.7.1 / 2


Sileo is the latest package manager developed after Cydia. After Cydia developer, stopped updating the package manager, Sileo became the users second most popular package manager in the world.

You can download the Sileo package manager with Zeon repo extractor, to your iOS 16.7.1 / iOS 16.7.2 supported iPhone. Here’s the repo to download Sileo package manager

Sileo download for iOS 16.7.1 /2

iOS tweaks

You can select your desired iOS tweak from the Zeon repo list. The most popular tweaks are: Top tweaks, Lifestyle tweaks, Entertainment tweaks, Games tweaks, Tweak shortcut You will be able to manage your day to day activities with some of these tweaks.

Zeon ios tweaks for iOS 16.7.1 /2

iOS Themes

If you are waiting for super cool themes, Zeon is the best destination to download the themes. After you install Zeon on your iPhone, it becomes easy for you to experience the latest iOS themes.

You must have heard the name Snowboard, which is a theme engine tweak offered by Cydia. Zeon lets you feel the same experience with Ela themes.

Without jailbreaking the iPhone, Ela themes can be applied.

DreamStore is another 3D theme collection you can install with Zeon

Ela themes for iOS 16.7.1 /2

Old Jailbreak tools

Zeon repo extractor has provided the opportunity for you to install old jailbreak tools in another way. Virtually you can experience these jailbreak tools. You can try these solutions on the newest iPhone models as well.

Checkra1n, Palera1n, Cheyote and Xina jailbreak can be installed through Zeon app

old jailbreak tools for iOS 16.7.1 /2

Step Guide to install jailbreak tools

Step 01: Open the Zeon repo extractor app

Step 02: Tap on Get Repos

Step 03: Now select the jailbreak tools you want to install on your iPhone

Step 04: Copy the URL of jailbreak tool

Step 05: Go back > Go to Extract Repo > Paste the copied URL and extract the Repo

Step 06: Go to device settings > Profile Downloaded > Provide the Passcode and install the jailbreak tool

Step 07: Continue the jailbreak process to install the package manager Cydia or Sileo

Online Jailbreak tools

01.Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak

Cheyote Virtual jailbreak supports iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2. After the jailbreak process is completed, you can install the Sileo package manager. You can change jailbreak settings with Cheyote Virtual jailbreak.

02.Unc0ver Black Edition

The Unc0ver Black edition is specially developed for iOS 16 Jailbreak The Zeon team has updated the jailbreak tool to be compatible with higher iOS versions. Cydia 2 Dark, the alternative for Cydia can be installed after the jailbreak process.

03.Palera1n Virtual Terminal Jailbreak

Palera1n Virtual Terminal jailbreak is the best alternative for Palera1n semi tethered Jailbreak. This jailbreak tool is an online jailbreak you can install on your iPhone quickly. Sileo is the default package manager that comes with Palera1n Virtual Terminal

Read more about Palera1n Jailbreak

04.Checkra1n Virtual Jailbreak

Checkra1n Virtual is the online jailbreak alternative for Checkra1n Jailbreak You can use Checkra1n virtual to jailbreak the iPhone devices that run iOS 14 to iOS 16 up to iOS 16.6 Without the help of a PC, you’ll be able to install Cydia package manager on iPhone.

Upcoming jailbreak alternatives for iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2

Here we have listed the upcoming jailbreak tools

KFD Exploit

KFD Exploit is a new way to customize your iPhone without jailbreaking. You do not need to install Cydia or Sileo to install the features.

Some of KFD features:

Kysota KFD

Cardinal for KFD

Blizzardboard KFD

Pure KFD

Font overwrite

Kanna font Destroy

Misaka Tweak manager

Misaka is a package manager for KFD and DirtyCow exploit. Misaka tweak manager supports iOS 16.2 to iOS 16.6 beta 1 You can manage the tweaks and apps just by installing one source given by Misaka Tweak Manager. Now you can download v3.2.1

misaka tweak manager

Neko JB Jailbreak

Neko JB Jailbreak is an upcoming KFD exploit based tool currently compatible with iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 Beta. Still the jailbreak is not released to the public. You’ll be able to get the jailbreak from Neko JB page

Ponba jailbreak

Ponba jailbreak is supporting iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 running A12 to A16 devices. Sileo package manager is the default package manager for Ponba jailbreak users can install Zebra package manager as a secondary option. Ponba jailbreak will be available for iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2 versions.

Tweak app stores

Tweak app store is another non root jailbreak method to install jailbreak features on your iOS iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2 versions

The most popular tweak app store are:

Tweakbox / AppValley / TuTuBox / TuTuapp / AppCake

Tweak app stores are the best option for you, if you don’t like to jailbreak your iPhone or iDevices.

Is iOS 16.7.1 / iOS 16.7.2 Jailbreak Safe with Zeon

Zeon is an online based repo extractor that doesn’t access your system root. All your personal data such as your passwords, bank details, and your photos are secured with this method. You don’t need to update Zeon. The Zeon team regularly updates the repo extractor.

So Zeon is a best solution for iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2


Compatible iPhone Models

A16 - iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max

A15 - iPhone 14 & 14 Plus / iPhone 13 & 13 Mini / iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max / iPhone SE (3rd generation) /iPad mini (6th generation)

A14 - iPhone 12 & 12 Mini / iPhone 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max

A13 - iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max / iPhone SE (2nd generation)

A12 - iPhone XS & XS Max / iPhone XR

A11 - iPhone 8 & 8 Plus / iPhone X

iOS 16.7.1 / iOS 16.7.2 Jailbreak FAQ

Question: Can I install Zeon on iOS 16.7.1 and iOS 16.7.2?
Answer: Yes, you can install Zeon repo extractor

Question: Can I install iOS 17 features on iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1?
Answer: You must upgrade the iOS 17 version to use the iOS 17 features

Question: Is Cydia support to iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1?
Answer: Yes, You can install web-based Cydia and Sileo for iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1

Question: Can I use Sideload method for iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1?
Answer: Yes, You can use AltStore / Sideloadly methods.

Question: Can I uninstall Cydia on iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1?
Answer: Yes, You can uninstall Cydia from iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1 anytime

Question: What is the difference between Online jailbreak and PC Jailbreak?
Answer: online jailbreak is the best method for iOS 16.7 / 16.7.1 and You need a help of a PC to jailbreak your iPhone its bit difficult

Question: Is Zeon an IPA based method?
Answer: No, Zeon uses a repo extracting method

Question: Is IOS 16.7.1 / iOS 16.7.2 jailbreak illegal?
Answer: Jailbreak is legal according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act passed in 2010. So, the users are free to jailbreak their iPhones.