iOS 17 Jailbreak

Get ready to jailbreak your iPhone with the best repo extractor in the jailbreak community. You can download and install the latest 3rd party apps, jailbreak tweaks and themes with Zeon repo extractor in no time.

We have added awesome new features for Zeon iOS 17 version, Check out these features and download the Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor for your iOS 17 running iPhone or iPad right now.

You can download Zeon repo extractor 100% free for a limited time period

Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 17 and enjoy the features with Zeon.

Zeon repo extractor for iOS 17

Why Zeon is so special for iOS 17!!!

Unlike other app stores and repo extractors, Zeon is always up-to-date and includes almost every feature released by the jailbreak community for iOS 17 every day.

Now, we have a specially dedicated team to manage Zeon iOS 17 Jailbreak repo extractor and app store, so we can guarantee that there is no iOS 17 Jailbreak app installer better than Zeon on Earth.

Zeon offers you the latest jailbreak features for iOS 17 better than other jailbreak tools. You can install Zeon on iOS 17.1 jailbreak too.

Customizations apps available in Zeon

Compatible iOS Devices

Zeon Features

It's very difficult to find a reliable sources for tweaks, themes, and modifications. This is where Zeon comes into play.

Zeon serves as a repository extractor, allowing users to easily access a wide range of jailbreak tweaks, themes, utilities, and other enhancements directly from their iOS devices.

You can experience the new trends of jailbreaking with Zeon. breathtaking tweaks, themes and adventurous games can be installed through Zeon repo extractor.

Zeon provides more flexibility in terms of theming and customization. This includes app iconing in the home screen, Setting widgets (you can change sizes of widgets, positioning) etc.

You do not need any PC, cable or any other device to install Zeon

Best known package managers like Cydia, Sileo can be downloaded through Zeon. These package managers let you install amazing 3rd party features on the iPhone that are unavailable in the Apple App store.

01. Tweaks for iOS 17 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone lets you change the settings of your device with various tweaks. Zeon repo extractor provides a lot of repos to install tweaks for iOS 17. Zeon offers you the best alternative tweaks for popular iOS tweaks, which you can’t install on iOS 17 compatible iPhone.

Sn0wboard- Sn0wboard is a theme engine tweak, Using Zeon you can get the same experience like Sn0wboard by Ela themes.

Ultimate power mode- Battery buddy lets you manage your battery power. There is a Zeon tweak, called Ultimate power mode. This is the best alternative for battery buddy for iOS 17

BedTime - AlarmGroups is a cydia tweak which you can set alarms with iOS Clock. Zeon repo extractor has a best alternative for AlarmGroup called Bedtime. Now you can use BedTime for iOS 17 Jailbreak.This is a supercool tweak to try

In addition to the above tweaks, following tweaks can be seen in Zeon Repo extractor. Each and every tweak has a huge collection of jailbreak tweaks. You can manage your daily routines, handle important information and customize the iPhone with tweaks with the help of Zeon.

Lifestyle tweaks

Entertainment tweaks

Games tweaks

Productivity tweaks

Tweak repos

02. Themes for iOS 17 Jailbreak

Zeon lets you customize the appearance and behavior of the device by providing the latest iOS theme packs. So you can install the eye-catching themes on your iOS 17 compatible device.

Following are the themes available in Zeon

Ela Themes - Ela themes for iOS 17 jailbreak, is the finest theme collection alternative for Sn0wboard.

DreamStore - DreamStore is the top alternative for Dreamboard which will give you amazing 3D effect themes and much more.

Metaw - Metaw for iOS 17 is the best alternative for HenHTML. Using Metaw you can change the Home screen and lock screen elements of your iPhone.

iNifty - iNifty has a large collection of themes which makes you feel better instead of a boring home screen.

Try out this iNifty repos using the Zeon repo extractor

iNifty themes (Popular) -

iNifty themes (3D) -

iNifty themes (Dark) -

iNifty themes (uncategory) -

Now you can experience the operating systems like Windows 98, Ubuntu, Mac lion etc. with an app offered by Zeon called Flemino You can download Flemino free.

Download themes

03. Package Managers

Package managers for iOS jailbroken devices provide users with the repositories to find and download various tweaks, themes, utilities and other software modifications created by developers within the jailbreaking community.

Package managers allow users to browse, search and install packages through similar interfaces like app stores.


Cydia is one of the oldest and most well-known package managers for jailbroken iOS devices. Cydia was introduced to the jailbreak community in 2008. Cydia package manager consists of 3rd party jailbreak repos, sources and tweaks that enables you to customize the iPhone in your way. You can download and install Cydia with Zeon repo extractor. Cydia can be installed through the virtual jailbreak tools offered by Zeon jailbreak.

Install cydia-

Cydia with Zeon repo


Sileo is a modern package manager for iOS 11 and higher, developed using Swift. This package manager is focused on speed, attractive features and modern feel. Sileo has gained popularity as an alternative to Cydia. You can install Sileo with Zeon repo extractor to customize the iOS 17 running iPhones. extract the following repo to install Sileo package manager.

Install Sileo-

Sileo with Zeon repo

These package managers play a crucial role in the iOS jailbreaking ecosystem, providing users with access to a wide range of customizations and enhancements that are not available through the official Apple App Store.

04. Download Old Jailbreak tools with Zeon

In the jailbreak community, you’ll be able to find popular jailbreak tools like Unc0ver, Cheyote, Palera1n and Xina. But there are some risks of using them on your iPhone. As a solution, Zeon repo extractor has given you the opportunity to install these tools virtually on your iOS device.

You just need to extract the repo of the particular tool and install it. Once you install the jailbreak tool, package managers like Cydia and Sileo can be installed through the tool.

Download Old jailbreak tools

iOS 17 compatible Online Tools

Online jailbreak tools can be installed on iDevices without the need of PC and any other tools required to jailbreak an iPhone / iPad. You just need an internet connection to download and install the tools. These are top alternatives you can find on the jailbreak community.

01. Checkra1n Mirror

Checkra1n Mirror is the brand new online jailbreak tool developed for iOS 17 / iOS 17.0.1 / iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.0.3 As you all know, the checkra1n semi- therethred jailbreak tool only supports up to iOS 14.8.1. So, the Checkra1n mirror has been introduced as an alternative solution. You can install Cydia with Checkra1n Mirror.

The Cydia installation process is different in Checkra1n mirror You need to generate a code to run the exploit. You can generate the code with the Codegen app available with Checkra1n Mirror jailbreak tool. Now Checkra1n Mirror is compatible with 17.4 Jailbreak

02. Unc0ver Black Edition

This is the best alternative for Unc0ver jailbreak tool that only supports up to iOS 14.8.1. Uncover Black edition is the latest online jailbreak tool, Unc0ver black team developed for iOS 17 / iOS 17.0.1 / iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.0.3 Jailbreak. After the jailbreak process is completed, you can install Cydia Dark. Cydia Dark is a special version, which is faster and updated than Cydia. Unc0ver black Edition is a best tool for iOS 16 Jailbreak , iOS 16.7.1 jailbreak as well.

03.Checkra1n Virtual

Checkra1n virtual is the best jailbreak alternative for the most popular Checkra1n Jailbreak tool. Checkra1n Virtual supports the latest iOS like iOS 17 and higher. You don’t need the help of a PC to continue the installation process and jailbreak process. Checkra1n virtual is an online jailbreak. Checkra1n Virtual can be run oniPhone devices like iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. Cydia package manager can be installed after the jailbreak process is completed.

If you are using an older iOS version like iOS 12 to iOS 14.8.1, you can download Checkra1n Jailbreak tool into your iPhone. Here you have to use a Mac or Windows PC to install the jailbreak on your iPhone.

04.Unc0ver Virtual

Unc0ver Virtual is a web based jailbreak solution developed as an alternative for Unc0ver jailbreak tool as it only supports up to iOS 14.8.1 You can install web based Cydia to customize your iPhone with 3rd party themes, tweaks and widgets and more jailbreak features.

05. Fugu 17

As you all know Fugu jailbreak only supports up to iOS 15.4.1, users who are using the latest iOS versions have to move to alternative solutions.

Fugu 17 jailbreak was developed as the best solution for iOS 17 / iOS 17.0.1 / iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.0.3 jailbreak.

After installing the Fugu 17 on selected iPhone models such as iPhone 13 mini, iPhone XS, it was possible to install the Sileo (Lite) package manager successfully.

You can get more information about the Fugu Jailbreak from GitHub

Upcoming Jailbreak tools

In the jailbreak community, iOS developers are introducing new jailbreak tools regularly. Following are some of upcoming jailbreak tools which you will be able to install on your iPhone.

Redensa iTerminal Jailbreak

The Redensa jailbreak app is already released to the public with new features. This is the first ever iTerminal based jailbreak solution developed recently. The iTerminal will be installed at the same time you install the Redensa app. Three main categories are included in the app to give users a best experience. Redensa is compatible with iOS 17 to iOS 17.5 Read more about Redensa Jailbreak. ChatGPT Jailbreak is also allowed in Redensa app

Cherimoya Jailbreak

Cherimoya jailbreak is the newly released semi – tethered jailbreak method that lets you install Sileo to install 3d party apps and much more. It's only compatible with iOS 17. To install Cherimoya jailbreak you need to get Fridaroot iPA. You can download it from the following button.

Palera1n Jailbreak

Palera1n jailbreak now supports iOS 17 and iOS 17.1 This is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool you can use to jailbreak your iOS 17 support iPhone. Sileo package manager can be installed with palera1n to do modern customization. Palera1n jailbreak supports only up to A12, But you can use Palera1n Virtual Terminal to jailbreak newer iOS versions. It supports A12 to A16 iPhone devices.

Ponba Jailbreak

Ponba jailbreak will support iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 running A12 to A16 devices. Sileo will be the primary app manager for Ponba jailbreak and users can install Zebra app manager as a secondary option. According to the developers of the Ponba jailbreak, iOS 17 users will be able to use Ponba jailbreak soon.

Neko JB jailbreak

Neko JB Jailbreak is the latest jailbreak, released by the developer @HAHALOSAH It supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.8 This is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool. You can install Neko JB jailbreak on iOS 6S to iPhone X. iPhone 7 will compatible with Neko Jb Jailbreak as well. The developer has twittered about iOS 16 and higher versions. Most of the time Neko jb will be upgraded to be compatible with the latest iOS versions.

Read more about Neko JB Jailbreak

Get paid App store apps free

Now Zeon is providing you paid app app store apps totally free. After downloading these apps into your iPhone, you will be able to install hacked games, Game simulators, Watch your favorite movies etc.

YIV is the biggest 3rd party game collection store. play free games online with YIV

Hopy is a ultimate game collection you can enjoy with purchasing the games

FND Store
You can download appstore apps with FND Store

FlexStore Pro
FlexStore is an iOS application installer to install without jailbreaking your iPhone

Using Cyrus Hub, you can install tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools on your device

Sideload Store
Sideload Store is a reliable place to download tweaked apps.

Latest jailbreak alternatives

Following are the jailbreaking alternatives that allow users to achieve similar benefits to jailbreaking their devices without actually going through the jailbreaking process, These latest tools have several options to customize the iPhone according to your choice.

01.KFD Exploit

KFD (Kernel file descriptor) is a non root jailbreak method and open source project to customize the iPhone with the latest features in the jailbreaking community. The best thing about KFD exploit is, it doesn’t require the package managers like Cydia or Sileo to install the jailbreak features. You can download the KFD iPA file to install it on your iPhone.

Some of the updated KFD exploit features are:

Pure KFD - KFD focused package manager
Blizzardboard KFD
Cardinal for KFD
Kysota KFD
Font Overwrite
Kanna font Destroy

Yet the KFD exploit is not compatible with iOS 17. If you like to customize your iPhone with KFD exploit you can downgrade your iOS 17 to iOS 16

Read more about KFD exploit

02.Cowabunga lite

Cowabunga lite is a jailed customization tool box that supports iOS 17. Without jailbreaking your iPhone you’ll be able to change the features of your device.

Such as changing themes, status bar options, control center, springboard options, internal options and setup options with cowabunga lite

Get more details about cowabunga lite

03.Tweak app stores

Tweak app store is another non root jailbreak method to install jailbreak features on your iOS 17 iPhone. Here we have listed the most popular tweak app stores for iOS.


These tweak app stores let you install jailbreak themes, jailbreak tweaks, jailbreak hack games and more.

04.Misaka Tweak Manager

Misaka is a tweak manager that comes from the dirtyc0w exploit. Without jailbreaking your iPhone, you can customize the device. Misaka has two versions Misaka KFD and Misaka Dirtyc0w. Now Misaka supports iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 with more customization features.

Also Misaka supports KFD exploit as well. You can download the latest Misaka v8.2.4 now. Click here to get more details

Misaka tweak manager for iOS 17

Safety of Zeon

Following are some of the safety features included in Zeon Repo extractor to ensure smooth and risk free iOS 17 jailbreak.

01. Your iPhone’s warranty is safe with Zeon

It is always a risk to jailbreak an iPhone, as apple warranty is unavailable after the jailbreak, But your warranty is safe with Zeon.

Zeon doesn’t access the system root. So, whenever you need to remove the repo extractor, you can remove it.

02. Security of the device

Zeon install doesn’t affect your iPhone’s system root like actual jailbreak. Therefore, don’t worry about the security and privacy of your iPhone. Zeon repo extractor is a 100% risk free method protecting your personal information and other details.

03. Battery life

The battery drainage is very low, when considered with the other jailbreak tools. Zeon repo extractor uses the battery power, only when the iPhone is connected to the internet.

04. Regular updates

The developers behind Zeon are dedicated to providing regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest iOS releases and jailbreak tools, as well as to add new features and enhancements.

05. Compatible with new iOS releases

The special thing about Zeon is, it is working fine with minor versions like iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3 as well as major versions like iOS 17, iOS 17.2, iOS 17.3 and iOS 17.4 Jailbreak

Zeon compatibility

Zeon Compatible iOS devices

Zeon jailbreak repo extractor can be installed on following device models. We have tested the Zeon repo extractor with iOS 17 / iOS 17.0.1/ iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.0.3 running iPhones to make sure that Zeon install is worth better than installing other repo extractors. So, you can use the Zeon app without any issues.

A12 - iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
A13 - iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
A14 - iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max
A15 - iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max
A16 - iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro

What's new with Zeon

The Zeon team is planning to release brand new jailbreak features to iOS 17 with the intent of giving the users best. Following are some of the features

Widget Store
A new jailbreak app to control your default apps
Ultimate Keyboard Style
Customization apps
New repo collections

iOS 17 jailbreak FAQs

Question: Can I Jailbreak iOS 17 with Zeon?
Answer: Yes, you can jailbreak iOS 17

Question: Can we install Zeon jailbreak repo extractor free?
Answer: Yes, you can install Zeon free for a limited time Period.

Question: Can we install Cydia directly on iOS 17?
Answer: No, first you should jailbreak the device.

Question: Is there any Cydia alternatives for iOS 17?
Answer: Yes, now you can install Cydia 2 as the best alternative for Cydia package manager

Question: Is Zeon jailbreak repo extractor compatible with iOS 17?
Answer: Yes, Zeon is compatible with new iOS 17. Initially, The Zeon team has developed the repo extractor targeting iOS 15.

Question: Can I install Sn0wboard, Dreamboard themes on iOS 17?
Answer: No, you can’t install these old jailbreak themes, But you can install Ela Themes, DreamStore themes using Zeon on your iOS 17 running iPhone

Question: Is it safe to install Zeon on iPhones?
Answer: Zeon is a 100% web based solution. It doesn’t access the system root. So, the warranty, privacy is protected from the outside world.

Question: Do we need a sideloading tool for Zeon?
Answer: No, You don’t require a sideloading tool top extract repos

Question: Can we categorize it as a Zeon iPA?
Answer: No Zeon is not an iPA, iPA files have to be installed using sideloading methods.

Question: What are the iOS 17 limitations?
Answer: Only compatible with A12 to A16
Cydia is not updating regularly
Still there is no jailbreak tool for iOS 17

Question: How to add repos / sources to Zeon?
Answer: You just need to copy the repo url and paste it to get the feature you want

Question: Should I download Zeon to Windows or Mac?
Answer: No, you can install Zeon with your iPhone, you just need to scan the QR to download the Zeon repo Extractor

Question: Is iOS 17 Jailbreak legal?
Answer: Jailbreak is legal according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act passed in 2010. So, the users are free to jailbreak their iPhones.

Question: What is the jailbreak method of Zeon Repo Extractor
Answer: Unlike untethered, Semi untethered or untethered methods, Zeon allows extracting the repos.

Question: How many versions are available in Misaka?
Answer: There are two versions of Misaka. Misaka KFD and Misaka Dirtyc0w

Question: Does Misaka support iOS 17?
Answer: Yes, Now Misaka supports iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 and the latest Misaka version is v8.0.7

Question: Can I install TrollStore on iOS 17?
Answer: The earlier trollstore is unsupported for iOS 17, but recently released TrollStore 2 is supporting iOS 17. So you can install iPA files permanently on your iPhone